I was bucked off a horse 5 years ago & since then my lower back/neck was always in pain, working all day on a computer didn’t help either. I never thought I had a problem with my bowels, I figured it was normal to go twice a week. My neck & back would hurt at work, while I was sitting, walking the dogs, sleeping & riding my horse were so painful… I want to ride again. I tried prescription drugs a lot, they would hide the pain for a bit, but no long enough and the side effects were awful. I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, several different chiropractors. I just finally gave up and told myself it’s a part of life. It was hard, I am a very up beat person and couldn’t do the physical activities that I love to do. My social life was being destroyed by these long term injuries.  The pain got so bad it started going down my leg and my IBS worsened. I was always a positive person… but I was changing. Less than 2 weeks I started to change what I ate and have been getting adjusted, I was feeling great! After 12 weeks I am able to do Zumba with no pain, walk my dogs and run & play. I am full of energy, feel I can do anything. OMG no more abdominal pain and finally regular!  I feel like pounds have been removed from my abdominal area. I stopped using all my prescriptions meds, my immune system is so much better. I can’t wait to go horseback riding again. I am forever grateful, thank you Dr. Jena for being such an awesome and caring doctor and willing to work with my fear of being adjusted.