I had severe pain in my shoulders that radiated into both arms. It caused severe pain and weakness in my hands. I had body aches all over! The pain was the worst at night, it kept me awake all night. The pain started 6 months ago in March of 2013. I did physical therapy all summer with no results. I went to medical doctors, they ran labs, took x-rays and all they could do was give me pain meds. I took pain meds every day and nothing changed! I couldn’t exercise or grip anything. I couldn’t even golf or bike anymore. I didn’t want night time to come because I would be up all night in pain. I became very frustrated and didn’t feel like myself. My neighbor was a patient and recommended I go. Now, I have no pain! I am able to sleep through the whole night! My hands are stronger, I am able to do all the thing I used to. I am taking half the dose of pain meds as I was before and hope to be off all of them soon! I came into the office terrified but after meeting Dr. Jena I felt very comfortable. I was well taken care of and felt everyone really cared about me.