I had lower back spasms and herniated discs, I have had pain for the past 18 years. I felt paralyzed when it was at its worst and couldn’t walk. It was so painful- I felt helpless. I tried physical therapy, I went to the Illinois Back Institute and other chiropractors. They could never fix the issue, so I had to use muscle relaxers, pain meds and ice. I’ve had to call off work several times when it was painful to move. Working out, play basketball and jogging were out of the question! I even had to cancel family functions because of the pain. I have had great results so far. I haven’t had a muscle spasm in 7 months! I have less pain, more energy and can do the things I love to do… and am much happier! If I had any questions Dr. Jena took the time to thoroughly answer them. She took the time to come up with a plan for my situation and its working! I never thought I would feel this much better! I have been coming for over a year now and I’m glad I stuck with it!